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Supporting human rights defenders

Through ShelterCity Amsterdam and WorldTalks we give human rights defenders the opportunity to tell their story and make their voice heard.

Organising informative public events on urgent topics

At Pakhuis de Zwijger we create public and informative events on human rights and other urgent matters, and we try to find inventive solutions for the latter.

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Education on debate and human rights

Inspired by the story of activists, we analyse positive dilemmas and debates. This informs students and helping them become involved citizens.



The URGENT Foundation promotes social debate on urgent topics. We organise meetings and initiate media projects on human rights and other social issues.






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World Talks

Activists are fighting all over the world to defend human rights. However, many of them remain out of the international radar and deserve more attention. World Talks strives to offer human rights defenders a platform where they can share their story

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Shelter City Amsterdam

Shelter City is a national initiative of Justice and Peace Netherlands to protect human rights defenders, in collaboration with a growing number of Dutch cities and local organizations. Urgent Foundation is the facilitator of Shelter City in Amsterdam.

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De Dissident

The Dissident is our vibrant talk show in which prominent activists and human rights defenders are central. The show disseminates personal conversations and intriguing stories about various topics, themes and people.

Who's Right

Commissioned by Amsterdam-West sub-district, the URGENT Foundation sets up interactive activities on human rights issues at the local level. This is done through a human rights quiz, public gatherings and projects at schools.

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Amnesty Meet Up

For Amnesty Netherlands, the URGENT foundation organises meet-ups throughout the entire Netherlands, with various speakers from the field of human rights (both local and global) with an interactive character.

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Nuria Zantman

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Project manager 
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Menno Van der Veen

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Founder Stichting URGENT
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Laura Verroen

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Project manager 


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